How much storage do you need?

Let us care for your products

Unlike most storage companies, we are able to offer complete flexibility with the amount of space that is required and will provide a free technical planning service that will plot all items to ensure that only the minimum amount of space is purchased.

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Value, Convenience, Security and Services

Cargohold Services


Picking, packing and shipping of goods to customers.

Forklift & Driver Hire

Making loading and unloading easy, quick and safe.

Auditing & Asset Listing

Auditing and full asset listing with cloud based services.

Checking & Preparation

Ensure your products are 100% ready for distribution.


Ability to barcode all products for easy monitoring.

Repair & Restoration

Onsite skilled carpenters and electricians ready to repair and restore products.

Packaging & Crates

Bespoke crate build and protective packaging solutions.

Exhibition Pre-build

Dedicated pre-build area for exhibition/event equipment set up.