Storage FAQ

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When can your storage kit be moved into Cargohold?

Once we have confirmed your requirements, we can schedule moving your kit in for you.
How do I move my items in?
Once we have confirmed your requirements we can advise on how and when to move in. Should you require fork-lift facilities or any additional services we will work to create a package prior to move in.
Are there any restricted items?
Yes, objects such as weapons of any kind are restricted in the storage and all illegal materials are also not accepted.
All substances requiring specific storage should be pre-approved by Cargohold.
It is important to understand that Substances should be stored in the COSHH cabinet according to their storage instructions. Hazardous substances should be stored in appropriate spill-proof containers and not allowed to come into contact with each other if there is a risk of a dangerous chemical reaction occurring between them.
What are the access hours?
Our office opening hours are Monday to Friday 08:00 to 17:00. Access by appointment only.